Auto Steering Tie Rod End

If you are looking for the most efficient auto parts at a remarkably low price, then IHVSV should be your go-to brand. The Tie Rod End from this brand comes as a set of 6 pieces, 4 pieces, or 2 pieces for your options at a competitive price. Made of premium quality material this efficient accessory passed extensive testing and is proven to be highly efficient possessing great durability. It easily fits into models from the year 1992 to 2000 of the most prominent car brands.

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anti-rust oil, black paint, blackening, chromate, colorful zinc, white zinc


complete forged steel, 40Cr


fastening type


M to M, or M to Plastic


lightweight, easy to install, high strength


customer's brand box, in bulk pack, neutral box, supplier's brand box

Product Details

What is a tie rod end?

The track or tie rod end is an auto-steering part that ensures the front wheels work properly. A track rod end looks like a small rod with a ball joint connection at the end with the steering knuckle at one end. At the other end, it connects to the steering tie rod through a spiral connection with the rack end, providing a better sense of control for drivers, and it is also called the outer tie rod end.  The rack end that is close to the inside is called the inner tie rod end.

The main function of the tie rod end is to push and pull tires, directly affecting the stability of control, safety, and tire use life. When driving, tires will bump due to uneven road, but the rack end is mainly fixed to the car body, and the tie rod end can exert its vertical and horizontal steering function.

auto steering explosion

Reminder: Worn tie rod end can cause drifting, unstable steering, and severe tire damage. After installing the new tie rod end, wheel alignment must be done.

Here are some important properties of tie rods that decides their strength and applicability for different types of vehicles:

  • Number of Pieces: Not all tie rod ends are manufactured the same. Some packages contain all of the assemblies of a tie rod end, some packages only have specific parts. It is important to get the one that suffices your needs completely.
  • Size of Tie Rod End: The tie rod end that you are going to buy must be perfect for your application perfectly. Different tie rod ends differ in terms of length as well as diameter. A large-sized option will create problems.
  • Reliability: The reliability of a tie rod is really important. The overall strength and quality of the tie rod end must be verified thoroughly before purchasing.

There can be a number of reasons for which one needs to find an alternative pair of tie rod ends. It can be because of a damaged pair, a backup option for future needs, or even an applicable tie rod end for DIY projects. In any case, you need to know the best option available around you and get your hands on the perfect option amongst all.

Why choose IHVSV tie rod ends:

  • A compact and lightweight option
  • Most affordable tie rod end
  • Works ideally as a temporary replacement
  • Provides a consistent torque
  • Implement a smooth operation
  • Low friction double bearing
  • Manufactured in high-quality standards
  • Comes with heat-treated precision finished ball ends
  • High strength and quality
  • 1-year warranty

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