Suspension control arms

Only the best control arms in the market can give you and your end customer a safe driving experience on the road, otherwise, it is very likely to cause problems. IHVSV control arms are made of durable materials and have passed the strictest tests per TS16949 at an affordable price. It is worth contacting us for a free trial.

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black paint


fastening type, pinch bolt fastening type


Per OE spec. or customer's design

With ball joint



alloy steel, aluminum


easy to install, light weight, long durability

Product Details

What are control arms?

The control arm connects to the chassis and carries car wheel’s vertical suspension or articulated suspension linkage between wheel rims. The body is usually made up by thin metal plate such as stamped steel, cast aluminum, or cast iron so that it withstand the braking force created by spinning, and maintain chassis stability and stabilizes position of car wheels and shock absorber to reduce swaying when driving. This avoids unstable conditions to happen when driving.

Design: Double wishbone type, strut type, multi-link type, and trailing arm type, etc

How important to use good quality control arms?

In addition to supporting the suspension system structurally, the wheels can go up and down whenever needed using a good quality control arm. Prolonged use can make the control arm of the vehicles almost useless and is very likely to cause problems while driving. For the importers or wholesalers, it is very important to import good-quality arms for your customers.

Only the best control arms in the market can give your end customers a safe driving experience on the road.


Why you should trust IHVSV control arms?

  • fit guarantee and high performance
  • made with the best steel to ensure optimum durability
  • withstand harsh conditions and harmful substances
  • bushings and ball joints are pre-assembled with some products for easy installation
  • forged aluminum, forged steel, or stamped steel to achieve maximum performance
  • painted or e-coated to help prevent rust
  • greasable design type
  • tested and recognized through extensive impact, wear, and fatigue tests
  • 1 year hassle-free returns quality assurance

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