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Suspension Arm Ball Joints

IHVSV ball joint is forged from a complete piece of alloy steel, and has top intensity. With strong material, ball stud roundness and low axial clearance value ensures auto steering parts to function smoothly. After tested by Japanese and Australia practical pull experiment machines, it performs better than genuine.

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anti-rust oil, black paint, blackening, chromate, colorful znic, white znic


forged steel outer shell, #40Cr ball stud


steel ball stud and plastic ball socket


with grease nipple


pinch bolt fastening type


ball stud roundness, low axial clearance, more ductile, top intensity


in bulk, customer's brand box, supplier's brand box, neutral box

Product Details

Ball joint is a sphere bearing that connects control arm to steering knuckle. It connects to casing of control arm and bearing bolt of wheel side. Its operating principle is similar to ball socket of human hip joint. Ball joint acts as a hub between car wheels and suspension. Ball joint installed on lower control arm categorizes into press-fit, bolt, rivet, and arm unit. Ball joint installed on wheels has upper fastening type and pinch bolt fastening type.

press-in ball joints

Ball joint in the Macpherson suspension and wishbone suspensions


Design: Housing material for ball joint includes steel type and plastic type of ball socket. Steel type collocates with M to M ball stud and steel bearing, and uses grease nipple to lubricate continuously. On the other hand, plastic uses mirror polished ball stud and plastic bearing (lupital POM). It seals special compound grease when in production, and does not include grease nipple.

Reminder: Some competitors use low label steel or incorrect heat treatment. This can lower the price, but also lower parts use life by 30%.


Why should you trust IHVSV Technologies for ball joints?

  • Manufactured with high-quality forgings for increased strength and smooth operation.
  • Chloroprene rubber boot improves durability and prevents premature failure, with cover to protect internal components.
  • Machined to micron tolerances to guarantee durability and smooth joint operation.
  • Anti-corrosion protection applied to each part.
  • Ball-pin 100% crack tested for flaw free material.
  • Undergo rigorous performance and resilience tests.
  • Superior ball-pin finish and nylon seat coating for smooth movement and long lifetime.
  • High specification grease for reduced friction, and smooth operation in all temperatures and conditions.

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