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6 Tips to choose the steering and suspension car parts suppliers in China

Ultimate Guide to Picking The Right Automotive Steering and Suspension Parts – Shunhui – China First 2-Day 1×20′ Container Delivery Tie Rod End Factory.

Choose the right and qualified auto parts like car steering tie rod end and suspension arms is vital to our and our beloved family’s safe besides of the comfort and pleasure of driving.

1. Which provinces are most of China auto parts factories concentrated?

Take the HS code 870894 (Vehicle parts; steering wheels, steering columns and steering boxes; parts thereof) as an example, per the statistic data of the latest 2 whole years (2019~20210) from China customs, the top 5 “provinces” exporters are Jiangsu, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Hubei and Guangdong. These 5 provinces have the most and biggest automobile and spare parts manufacturers.

Export volume in CNY

2. What’s the competition rank of the Top 5 exporters?

The competition rank is concluded by 3 indexes: 1). Continuous R&D capacity; 2).Production capacity; 3).Facilities.

Guangdong and Hubei Province are leading in terms of production capacity and capacity utilization, and have formed a complete manufacturing and supply chain around the core enterprises, such as Japanese car parts supply chain  in Guangdong and European car parts supply chain in Hubei. Taking the capital Wuhan of Hubei Province as an example, there are 7 automobile enterprises, 12 automobile final assembly factories and more than 500 parts enterprises.

Guangdong, Hubei and Shanghai have concentrated a large number of domestic and foreign famous automakers and parts enterprises, their continuous research and development capacity, complete supporting facilities can be ranked as top of the level in China.

Competition Rank

3. Whose labor cost is the lowest?

Labor cost is one of the most important composition of the total auto parts purchasing cost, and it is related to the economy of the city. The lower labor cost, the lower purchasing price you should pay.

According to the lowest wage statistics in the year 2021 per hour, Hubei province has the lowest labor cost.


4. Whose factory rent cost is the lowest?

Take the capital of the Top 5 provinces as an example, Suzhou of Jiangsu, Shanghai, Hangzhou of Zhejiang, Wuhan of Hubei, Guangzhou of Guangdong, the factory rent cost in Hubei is the lowest. Factory rent cost is also important  composition of their selling cost. Choose the less one from Hubei province to cooperate to save your money.

Factory Rent Cost CNY/s.q.m

5. What type of supplier should you choose?

From the type of the capital, there are government owned company, and private Limited company, the scale of most government owned ones is bigger than the private limited ones, but usually their cost, innovation, flexibility, and service is not as good as the private one.

Which one will you choose? The one who can match your scale and give you the most support, grow together.

6. The list of the major auto parts factory supplier in Jingzhou city of Hubei province

Jingzhou city, 1 hour far away from Wuhan by train but with the far below lower labor cost than Wuhan in Hubei province, has concentrated a lot of light-duty and heavy-duty automobile parts manufacturers:

1). Jingzhou Shunhui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

One of the most competitive manufacturers of steering and suspension parts for aftermarket, established in 2010. Main products are Ball Joint, Tie Rod End, Rack End, Side Rod Assy, Control Arm, Idler Arm, Pitman Arm, Drag Link, Cross Rod, Arm Shaft Kit, Stabilizer Link, etc.

Plant is covering over 30,000 m² and have 220 staff. Production capacity is over 500 thousand pieces per month, have been exported to more than 100 countries.

Jingzhou Shunhui Auto Parts Co., Ltd – Car steering tie rod and suspension arms manufacturer

2). Hubei Axle Co., Ltd

Hubei Axle Co., Ltd located in Jingzhou city, founded in 1978,with plant area 220,000 sq.m, mainly supplying light-duty and middle-duty commercial vehicles’ front axle, rear axle and components (1.5-13Tons), has 700 employees and 658 sets of equipment , with total assets of 780 million and an annual production capacity of 400,000 sets of ring and pinion gears assembly, 250,000 sets of differential assembly, 300,000 pieces of press-welding axles housing and 250,000 sets of axle assembly.

Hubei Axle – axles & parts manufacturer of light duty commercial vehicles like trucks, pick-ups, buses

3). Henglong Group

Henglong group, located in Jingzhou city, Hubei Province, American-listed Company, employing 5,600 people,  focus on the manufacture of automobile steering system for more than 20 years, has being supplied to FAW-VW, FAW-Jiefang, DPCA, Dongfeng Motor, FOTON, Brilliance Jinbei, Shaanxi heavy duty automobile, China heavy duty automobile, SGMW, JMC, Chery, BYD and Changan, in international markets, supply to American Chrysler.

Henglong Group – The manufactuer of automobile EPS steering gears system


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